Power market fundamentals are changing. Your generation fleet should be two steps ahead.

Whether you own solar, wind, hydro, gas, or nuclear, you want to take proactive steps to ensure your generators are prepared to operate in the coming transformation. Renewable energy generation is leading us towards a cleaner, more sustainable future but the variability and zero-marginal cost energy is shifting the way all generation assets operate. Energy storage is needed to achieve the full potential of renewable energy and to ensure all market participants are able to benefit from this incredible transformation.

Energy storage adds much needed capacity, which ensures there will always be power available to meet peak requirements. It also manages short-term variability in the system, by providing synthetic inertia in milliseconds and incredible flexibility that is nearly 3 times as valuable per MW as that provided by the fastest gas turbines. Since energy storage has no minimum load, zero direct emissions, and can be located nearly anywhere, it has the ability to improve generator efficiency and economics. Finally, energy storage can be added to solar and wind generation to deliver cost-effective renewable energy on-demand, a highly sought after goal.

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