Increased Solar Capacity

The SunFlex Solar Energy Storage platform is optimized for maximum solar capture and delivery, enabling solar facilities to sell up to 50% more solar energy per site. The platform eliminates solar variability across the day – such as that caused by passing clouds – and expands the delivery of energy into the night, creating an on-demand solar resource. The higher power conversion efficiencies of our platform mean more energy delivered and better project economics.

Simplifies Site Design

The SunFlex Solar Energy Storage architecture enables developers to add more solar panels without the cost of changing their interconnection. In many areas, the platform also simplifies the interconnection process for combined solar and storage facilities.

Expanded Capability

The inherent flexibility of the SunFlex Solar Energy Storage platform expands the capabilities and sources of revenue for solar generation by providing the ability to stack additional grid services, such as frequency regulation, capacity firming, and ramp rate control.





2 MW – 100+ MW


2+ hours

Technical Information


The SunFlex Solar Energy Storage architecture unites the batteries and PV on the same side of the DC bus in order to take advantage of higher PV-to-inverter ratios and maximize solar yield. The energy storage is distributed throughout the solar field, sited with the inverters, in order to optimally connect into solar arrays. DC-to-DC conversion on the storage allows the DC bus voltage to flexibly move, preserving maximum power point tracking on the solar.


Building on Fluence’s history of creating flexible and robust control platforms, SunFlex Solar Energy Storage comes equipped with a comprehensive control solution that includes application algorithms optimized to seamlessly integrate renewables.


  • Inverter safety: UL1741
  • Lithium battery safety: UL1642
  • Battery module safety: UL1973
  • Power conversion harmonics: IEEE519
  • Interconnection of distributed resources: IEEE1547

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