Building Partnerships to Better Support Our Customers

Fluence is continually growing our ecosystem of offerings through strategic partnerships. We’re expanding into new markets and innovating clean energy technologies to support our customers by purposefully collaborating with industry pioneers who share our mission to transform the way we power our world.

Our partners help us reach customers in new locations, advance battery technology, and unlock the full value of clean energy assets.  Explore our partnerships below.

Expanding Geography

Introducing our clean energy technology to new markets

Fluence India

A joint venture with ReNew Power

Fluence India, a joint venture with ReNew, India’s leading renewable energy producer, is dedicated to serving the needs of customers while addressing the country’s fast-developing renewable and energy storage markets.

Fluence India will provide energy storage solutions, including Gridstack™, to a diversified, local customer base, powered by Fluence’s global experience and ReNew’s pioneering role in the sector.

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Innovating Battery Technology

Bringing new battery storage products and technologies to market


Northvolt, Europe’s leading battery developer and manufacturer, and Fluence are working to develop sustainable, next-generation battery systems with lower total cost of ownership and improved functionality.

Digital intelligence, tightly integrated through the full product lifecycle, will lower total cost of ownership, and create unique opportunities to generate value for Fluence customers.

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Fluence Northvolt energy storage partnership


Together, Fluence and QuantumScape will introduce solid-state lithium-metal battery technology to stationary energy storage applications. This strategic relationship brings together two leading technology companies who are accelerating clean energy adoption and reducing global carbon emissions.

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Fluence QuantumScape solid state energy storage






Optimizing Clean Energy

Manage clean energy asset risk and improve performance


Our collaboration with Pexapark, an award-winning software and advisory services provider, offers powerful insights to help effectively navigate merchant market risks and maximize revenues.

Pexapark’s analytical tools and services simplify the complexity of energy transactions, delivering greater price transparency and risk management. Their sophisticated tools, in combination with Fluence’s advanced analytics, enable customers to maximize the value of their investments and increase deployments.

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Fluence Pexapark wind, solar, energy storage software

Our partnership with, an industry leader in energy analytics, offers a comprehensive suite of digital applications to optimize both the development and management of generation and energy storage assets.

Customers will benefit from cutting-edge analytics, simulation, and optimization tools throughout the life cycle of their energy projects, across multiple applications, from valuation to bidding and risk management.

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Fluence cQuant wind, solar, energy storage software

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