Fluence Cube is a modular energy storage building block that delivers safe, scalable, cost-effective systems.

It is designed to be technology agnostic and compatible with the leading suppliers and components globally. The factory-built Fluence Cube comes pre-installed with all battery racks and modules, heating and cooling system, power supply, controllers, and safety components for faster deployement and commissioning.

The Building Block

The Cube addresses a range of energy storage applications and grid services with options for both long- and short-duration systems.

Fluence combines Cubes with advanced controls software, telecommunications equipment, and power conversion technology to deliver complete energy storage products for our customers.

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Cube Benefits

Component Flexibility

  • Incorporate various technologies to meet common requirements for power, duration, battery technology, etc.
  • No need for costly custom designs.
  • Technology agnostic approach avoids vendor lock-in and reduces risk

Embedded Safety

  • Fully equipped with comprehensive safety features
  • Factory-built design brings consistent quality control
  • Continuous safety upgrades are based on extensive research and industry-leading experience

Rapid Delivery

  • Repeatable form drives efficiencies in project design and permitting
  • Designed for ISO-container and flatbed truck transportation, with support for both forklift and crane installation
  • Configure your storage system to meet current requirements and scale-out as new revenue opportunities emerge or for system augmentation

Cube Features & Specifications

Our fully integrated Cube includes HVAC, controllers, battery racks and modules, fast-stop, power supply, deflagration panels, and more.

Battery Chemistry

Advanced Lithium-ion sealed cells

Long Duration Dimensions (H x W x D)

2549 x 2578 x 2160 mm


Air or liquid cooled

IP Rating

IP 55

Discharge Duration

30 minutes to 4+ hours

Short Duration Dimensions (H x W x D)

2549 x 2578 x 2257 mm

Fire Alarm System

Detection, notification, and an optional aerosol cannister

Enclosure Rating

NEMA Type 3R

An Award-Winning Design

Fluence was named Commercial Technology of the Year at the 22nd annual S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards for its sixth-generation Technology Stack, which has the Cube as its foundational hardware.

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