Grid-scale, industrial strength energy storage designed for the most demanding market applications with industry-leading reliability, scalability, and safety. The Gridstack Pro product line integrates state-of-the-art battery modules, management systems, and monitoring equipment into a unified architecture, enhancing operations and system safety.

Tailored to meet diverse project needs, our Gridstack Pro line offers configurable enclosures and a range of storage capacities, effectively optimizing land usage and reducing costs. Embrace the future of energy storage with Gridstack Pro – where intelligence meets reliability.

What does Gridstack Pro bring to your power generation portfolio?

Optimized Design

The right balance of density, speed of installation and ease of logistics for a wide range of project sites

Next-level Flexibility

Diversified supply chain and Fluence BMS enable the right-fit solution and project delivery assurance

Total Intelligence

Boost performance and operating lower costs with real-time insights and predictive maintenance

Unparalleled Safety

Designed to exceed industry standards in safety certification, fire testing, and cybersecurity

Accelerate your projects with flexible options built on a unified product architecture

Gridstack Pro 5000 Series

Maximizing safe capacity in a 20′ enclosure, 4.9-5.6 MWh

Gridstack Pro 2000 Series

Designed to fit in a 40′ container for logistics ease, 2.4 MWh

Gridstack Pro 1000 Series

Cube-sized system for power matching and DC augmentation, 1.6 MWh

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Supporting grid-scale applications with embedded controls and ISO integration

  • Frequency regulation
  • Generation enhancement
  • Capacity peak power
  • T&D enhancement
  • Microgrids and islands
  • Renewable integration

Major product platform improvements

One Gridstack Pro Platform
A series of offerings that provide flexibility and faster integration of new cell technology, all on the same platform

Easier Install and Maintenance
Almost 70% fewer connections and chillers reduce installation time and maintenance. Available DC-DC converters* reduce cost of augmentation

Efficient Operation
More efficient, OS-controlled chillers reduce aux consumption by up to 20% compared to previous generations

Higher Density
Mix and match different enclosure sizes, and density requirements at competitive usable energy prices

Battery System Flexibility
The Fluence Battery Pack, modules, and battery management system (BMS) improve supply chain agility and time to market with new technology


*Available in select Gridstack Pro configurations

Industry-Leading Safety

Gridstack Pro is designed to meet and exceed industry standards in safety certification and fire testing, including UL9540, UL9540A, NFPA-855, Fluence’s Beyond Burn Testing, and more.



Putting our systems to the test

Why Large-scale Fire Testing Is Needed for Battery Energy Storage Safety

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A Look on the Inside

Optimized for system performance and supply chain agility

The Fluence Battery Pack combines state-of-the-art battery modules, Fluence battery management systems, and Fluence OS into a unified product architecture designed to improve operations through advanced thermal and state of charge (SOC) management.

Supply Chain

  • Faster time-to-market with new technology
  • Delivers supply chain agility and market compliance
  • Incorporates cells from growing base of battery OEMs


  • Advanced thermal and SOC management
  • Consistent quality and safety at the system level
  • Seamless integration with Fluence OS, Nispera, and Mosaic

built on domestic content

Delivering an Integrated U.S. Supply Chain for Battery Storage

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Brains on Board

Comprehensive System Control, Data Integration, and Visibility with Fluence OS

Fully integrated controls system with 2.5 million operating hours – standard with all Gridstack systems

System Control

Fully integrated controls system, including hardware and software, for the day-to-day management and dispatch of your storage system

System Monitoring

Comprehensive data collection at every level of the storage system for continuous monitoring and alerting

External Integration

Integration with ISOs, external systems and third party software applications via APIs and common protocols

Asset Protection

Enterprise-class network security and firewall capabilities keep assets secure and support international cybersecurity standards

Advanced Software and Services

Get more value from your Gridstack Pro system with comprehensive operational services and AI-driven software


Ensure system availability and mitigate risk with comprehensive warranties and full lifecycle maintenance support

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Drive down costs and increase revenue with next generation asset performance management software

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Maximize wholesale market revenue and asset ROI with intelligent, AI-powered bidding software

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