Nispera™ APM Software

Nispera maximizes the value of solar, wind, hydro, and storage assets from any provider by going beyond traditional Asset Performance Management (APM) to offer the most comprehensive set of AI-based asset performance optimization. Focus on the highest priority issues and get results that drive down costs and increase revenue.


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Customers could realize an annual profitability uplift of


One APM for all of your clean energy assets

Nispera optimizes wind, solar, hydro, and storage assets from any technology provider.

Nispera’s cloud-based software integrates data across asset classes and OEM technologies to streamline communications and uncover hidden performance issues. Avoid the pitfalls of closed systems and vendor lock-in with software designed to work across your entire portfolio of clean energy assets.




Thanks to Nispera, I have always at hand all of the tools and data to analyze my portfolio and demand a better service from my O&M providers.

Marco Vedaschi Senior Engineering Manager at Susi Partners



Spend less time managing data and more time acting on it 

The typical wind turbine can produce 30,000 data points per minute, generating millions of data points across a portfolio each day. Nispera automates data collection across assets with cloud-based access and intuitive visuals.

  • Automate integration and secure hosting of data from any asset class or OEM provider
  • Access performance and financial data for entire portfolio
  • Save time and reduce risk from manual data processing


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Enabling Wirtgen Invest to Scale their Portfolio

Learn how Wirtgen increased the accuracy of asset performance reporting while decreasing time required to manage the company’s global portfolio.


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Maximizing the Performance of Lekela’s Renewable Portfolio

Learn how Lekela is maximizing and extending the value of its portfolio with detailed analytics and predictive maintenance alarms that support issue prioritization, reduce asset downtime, and minimize O&M costs


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Optimize asset performance and minimize costly downtime

Go from ad-hoc monitoring of SCADA alerts and reactive troubleshooting to proactively identifying the highest priority performance issues. Nispera’s powerful optimization tools can help avoid downtime and increase generation.

  • Get notified before a component fails with our new Predictive Maintenance functionality for energy storage assets
  • Find trends in performance with geographically accurate, video animated PV Digital Twins
  • Set smarter AI-based alerts that trigger when actual component performance deviates from normal
  • Improve workstream efficiency with automated ticketing

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$800K+ in savings from one incident

Predictive maintenance alerts warned of potential component failure in advance, which could have enabled proactive O&M and minimized downtime.


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Nispera meets and exceeds our needs in terms of efficient monitoring, validation of data, and variety of analysis for our whole renewable portfolio that ensures an executive overview as well as a deep dive into single asset trouble shooting.

Anja Spannaus Managing Director of re:cap global investors

Streamline communications with consistent, automated reporting

Regular technical and financial reporting is often stalled by manual setup and maintenance, user errors, and a lack of consistent data across teams. Nispera’s automated technical and financial reports create efficient workflows and reduce variability from asset to asset.

  • Automate reporting with easy-to-configure technical and executive reports
  • Harmonize reporting from a single source of organizational truth
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars per year by reducing time spent on reporting


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Increasing Aediles’ O&M Service Provider Efficiency

Learn how Aediles, an asset management company managing the performance of dozens of solar parks, increased the efficiency of their O&M service providers with enhanced reporting and a single, standardized view of the portfolio with Nispera APM.


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Get the most out of your O&M services

Managing O&M service providers across geographically dispersed assets and OEM technologies can be difficult. Nispera offers asset owners independent evaluation of performance and contractual obligations so owners can easily investigate differences and improve results.

  • Independently calculate key system metrics, including contractual availability
  • Real-time and historical portfolio visibility and log-book dashboards
  • Get visibility needed to guide prioritization of O&M interventions

Customers across the globe trust Nispera, including:


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