What if your assets were optimized by AI?

Our artificial intelligence-powered software maximizes the value of renewables, battery-based energy storage technologies, and entire asset portfolios so you can deploy and use more clean energy with higher ROI.

Conventional manual bidding approaches for energy storage and renewable assets cannot keep up with the volatility and complexity of rapidly changing wholesale markets. The cloud-based AMS Trading Platform, with over 1.7 GW of assets in operation, helps customers increase energy and ancillary service revenues and reduce risk with automated AI-powered bidding.

Boost your energy storage revenue 50%+ compared to traditional manual trading techniques with powerful price forecasting, bidding automation, and portfolio optimization.


CAISO Trading Platform

NEM Trading Platform

AMS Trading Platform optimization makes energy assets more valuable.

up to 10%

increased revenue from renewables


increased revenue from energy storage

900K +

hours of proven operating experience

A Technology-Agnostic Platform

The AMS Trading Platform supports energy storage and renewable technologies from any provider, and is configured to meet the unique warranty constraints and operating parameters of each asset.

Avoid the pitfalls of closed systems and vendor lock-in with a trading platform designed to work across your entire portfolio, including wind and solar.

Designed to optimize the trading of wind, solar, and energy storage from any provider.

Energy Storage Optimization with the AMS Trading Platform

The AMS Trading Platform automates marketing bidding to maximize the value of assets and portfolios.


Optimized bidding starts with forecasting what will happen to prices, supply, and demand. The AMS Trading Platform uses machine learning to recognize patterns in vast data and predict the future beyond human capability.


The Trading Platform uses rigorous mathematical optimization to identify the revenue-maximizing bid strategy, including energy, ancillary services, and offtake contracts, while following operational constraints.


The AMS Trading Platform co-optimizes the bidding of hybrid resources, like solar + storage, and entire fleets of mixed assets, to achieve portfolio objectives.

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AMS neural network

Every few seconds, we’re ingesting real-time market and asset data into our trading platform.

Only machine learning can forecast with the accuracy and speed required to optimize energy assets in volatile markets.

Power Tools for Your Trading Desk

Unlock the full value of your portfolio with AI-powered automation.


Forecasts reflect the varying uncertainty of predictions, which leads to better results and customized control over managing risks.


Optimization incorporates forecast uncertainty and price elasticity, producing rigorous results that withstand market volatility.


Only machine learning algorithms, like deep neural networks, can predict the volatility of energy markets—and they’re always improving.


Designed to support any asset type and its unique operating constraints, so it works across your entire portfolio.


Experiment with simulated assets and varying risk preferences to make better investment and operating decisions.


Runs on proven, scalable cloud infrastructure for rapid, reliable operation across large portfolios and global energy markets.

Energy markets are changing rapidly.

California ISO

React at lightning speed to the duck curve ramp

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Australia NEM

Avoid negative prices in the real-time markets

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