Gridstack™ is a grid-scale, industrial-strength energy storage product designed for the most demanding market applications with industry-leading reliability, scalability, and safety. Gridstack enables a range of applications and grid services, including flexible peaking capacity, frequency regulation, renewable integration, T&D enhancement, and more.

The product is highly configurable to meet your specific operational requirements and can be cost effectively augmented over time to maximize asset value. Built using our sixth generation technology stack, Gridstack incorporates more than 14 years of design and deployment experience.



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Product Overview


  • Easily configurable and highly scalable
  • Total system safety
  • Application stacking
  • Fast-response capability
  • Augmentation flexibility


2 MW – 500+ MW


1 – 6+ hours


  • Frequency regulation
  • Generation enhancement
  • Capacity peak power
  • T&D enhancement
  • Microgrids and islands
  • Renewable integration


  • Power conversion: UL1741, IEEE519, IEEE1547
  • Battery Safety: UL1973, IEC62619, IEC61508
  • System Safety: UL9540
  • Fire Protection: NFPA 855

The Fluence Technology Stack

The Fluence Tech Stack combines hardware, controls, software, and intelligence into an integrated foundation for safe and repeatable energy storage systems that are tailored to your use case and application.

Fluence Cube

Modular, factory-built, standardized form factor delivers safe, scalable, cost-effective systems configurable with the latest storage components.

Fluence OS

Fully integrated operations platform combines comprehensive controls, asset management, and system visibility across single sites or entire fleets.

Fluence IQ

AI-enabled digital platform to improve revenue generation, system decision-making, asset performance and operations.

Easily Configurable

With its flexible architecture, Gridstack allows you to configure components to meet your precise requirements and optimize the system design to address specific market applications.

Gridstack can be easily customized while still leveraging the Fluence Cube’s simplified design, delivery, and maintenance.

Highly Scalable

Gridstack brings repeatability to large energy storage deployments, reducing implementation risks and lowering costs.

The simple, scale-out design drives efficiencies in project permitting, delivery, and operations, and creates consistency across project locations to simplify training and O&M activities.

Total System Safety

Gridstack’s comprehensive safety features span its integrated hardware and software technology stack.

Designed to meet industry-leading safety standards, such as UL9540, UL9540A, and IEC compliance, Gridstack is equipped with fast-stop, incipient gas detection, deflagration panels and more. Safety is embedded throughout every level of Fluence OS, which continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies.

Discover how energy storage can be a powerful tool for frequency regulation.

In our white paper, The Need for Speed, we explore how energy storage can provide ultra-fast frequency response and accelerate grid decarbonization.

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Safety embedded across system design.

Fluence designs complete energy storage products with safety integrated into every layer of system controls and hardware.

Multiple layers of redundancy

Fluence OS is layered on top of all subcomponents to ensure system safety and functionality while patented control algorithms monitor and provide control over projects.

Comprehensive real-time monitoring

Fluence OS provides up-to-the-second visibility of unit performance, and continuously monitors, detects, isolates and alerts operators to potential anomalies.


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Hardware-enabled safety measures

Subsystems protect themselves in event of a fault or failure in another subsystem, with all components having undergone rigorous qualifications and certifications.

Robust Network and Cybersecurity Management

Our storage technology contributes to critical infrastructure around the globe.To protect our customers and their networks from malicious attacks, Fluence complies with industry leading cyber security practices.

We follow the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework➚ to incorporate the latest security features, including high grade, 256-bit encryption, enterprise-class network security and firewall protection, multifactor authentication, weekly vulnerability scanning, and more.


VPN remote site access with 256-bit encryption, multi-factor authentication, and enterprise-class network security software.

Secure, role-based user access and control to local systems with weekly vulnerability scanning and patching.

In transit

High grade 256-bit encryption protects all data in transit from local systems to virtual private cloud (VPC).

Data transfer and connectivity with VPC takes place over secure, site-to-site VPN tunnels.

In the cloud

Secure, logically isolated cloud environment uses restrictive firewall and security group rules to limit connectivity within the VPC (i.e. deny-by-default).

All external access into cloud data center is via VPN, utilizing multifactor authentication.

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