As the industry shifts from MW-sized projects to GW-scale portfolios, storage systems must meet new standards in delivery, performance, and safety. Gridstack™ provides utilities, developers, and independent power producers with a factory-built, configurable solution that is market-ready to deliver the most common front-of-the-meter applications.

With GWh of systems operating globally, Gridstack is trusted by leading power generators to deliver reliable grid services on their largest, most complex storage projects.

Gridstack Overview


Gridstack supports more efficient and cost-effective project deployments by pairing the benefits of mass production with the flexibility of a highly configurable system architecture that meets local market and customer requirements – including 1, 2, and 4+ hour use cases in UL and IEC markets globally.


Supporting grid-scale applications with embedded controls and ISO integration

  • Frequency regulation
  • Generation enhancement
  • Capacity peak power
  • T&D enhancement
  • Microgrids and islands
  • Renewable integration


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Hazelwood Battery Energy Storage System is a Historic Milestone in Australia’s Energy Transition

Jointly funded and developed by ENGIE and Eku Energy, the 150 MW/150 MWh Hazelwood project is Australia’s largest privately funded utility-scale battery. Fluence supplies, operates, and maintains the facility and it is the first project in Australia to use Fluence’s Gridstack product to provide secure and reliable energy in Victoria and support the energy transition.




Powering One of the Largest Energy Storage Complexes Operating in California

Located in Lancaster, California, The AES Corporation projects include the 100 MW / 400 MWh Luna Battery Storage Project and 127 MW / 508 MWh Lancaster Area Battery (LAB) energy storage system comprising one of the largest energy storage complexes operating in California or around the world.



Safety embedded across system design.

Fluence designs complete energy storage products with safety integrated into every layer of system controls and hardware.

Complete System Safety

Designed to meet and exceed industry safety standards, such as UL9540, UL9540A, and IEC compliance, Gridstack is equipped with fast-stop, incipient gas detection, deflagration panels and more. Safety is embedded throughout every level of Fluence OS, which continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies.



Going Beyond Industry Standard Thermal Runaway Testing

The Fluence Beyond Industry Standards Burn Test went beyond the standard UL 9540A test methodology of single-cell initiation in order to successfully create the conditions necessary to test the safety of the enclosure. The test intentionally created an extreme thermal runaway event and demonstrated that the Fluence Cube design can contain thermal runaway and fire from propagating from the initiating Cube to neighboring Cubes.

On the Full Potential blog, we discuss why large-scale fire testing is needed for battery energy storage safety with Paul Hayes, Fire Protection Engineer and General Manager at American Fire Technologies, and Eli Bashevkin, Principal Engineer at Fluence.


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This test will help define safety standards moving forward.

Few companies understand how battery storage systems will perform under a large-scale failure and how to help protect first responders during such an event. Fluence has taken a significant step forward by performing a full large scale installation level fire and explosion test.

Paul Hayes, American Fire Technologies,

General Manager, NFPA-855 Board Member


Comprehensive System Control and Visibility with Fluence OS

Fully integrated controls system with 2.5 million operating hours – standard with all Gridstack systems

System Control

Fully integrated controls system, including hardware and software, for the day-to-day management and dispatch of your storage system

System Monitoring

Comprehensive data collection at every level of the storage system for continuous monitoring and alerting

External Integration

Integration with ISOs, external systems and 3rd party software applications via APIs and common protocols

Asset Protection

Enterprise-class network security and firewall capabilities keep assets secure and support international cybersecurity standards

Advanced Software and Services

Get more value from your Gridstack system with comprehensive operational services and AI-driven software


Ensure system availability and mitigate risk with comprehensive warranties and full lifecycle maintenance support

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Drive down costs and increase revenue with next generation asset performance management software

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Maximize wholesale market revenue and asset ROI with intelligent, AI-powered bidding software

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