Introducing our 6th generation Technology Stack.

We understand that customers have unique energy challenges and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. We also know that the pace of storage procurements is rapidly accelerating and customers need to be able to procure and deploy at scale and across fleets with minimal risk.

With our sixth-generation technology stack, we’re making it simpler for customers to deploy storage faster and more cost effectively without sacrificing quality and configurability. Our tech stack lays the foundation for better energy storage with fully-integrated digital intelligence, an enhanced operating system, and factory-built, highly modular building blocks.

By pairing the benefits of mass production with the flexibility of a highly configurable system architecture, we can serve the diverse needs of customers around the world from a single, underlying technology stack.  The tech stack is delivered in three preconfigured systems, purpose-built for different customer segments and use cases.

The Fluence Tech Stack

Fluence IQ™

Digital intelligence layer that improves revenue generation, system decision-making and asset performance with data-driven insights, automated bidding and dispatch algorithms.

Fluence Operating System (OS)™

Fully integrated operations platform combines comprehensive controls, asset management, and system visibility across sites or entire fleets.

Fluence Cube™

Modular, factory-built, standardized form factor delivers safe, scalable, cost-effective systems that are configurable with latest storage components.

The Fluence Cube

Your building block for better energy storage.

The Cube is Fluence’s sixth-generation storage technology – incorporating 13+ years of deep expertise in storage system design and delivery.

  • Cost-effective system with maximum quality control
  • Fast procurement and contracting process
  • Simple system design, engineering, and permitting
  • Rapid delivery, construction and commissioning
  • Latest safety features and storage components
  • Modular design allows you to scale from 1 MW to 500+ MW systems

Fluence Operating System (OS)

Bringing unparalleled visibility and control to your storage systems.

  • Comprehensive controls to manage power at the Array, Core, and Node levels of the system architecture
  • Active management of the timing, modes, and parameters of different storage applications
  • Real-time KPIs accessed through multiple system views
  • System alarms displayed in hierarchy of warnings and alerts
  • Additional layers of safety continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies

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Fluence IQ

Continuously unlocking new storage system value with data-driven insights, automated bidding and dispatch algorithms.

  • Suite of performance algorithms for 40+ storage applications across 29 markets
  • Advanced machine learning models predict pricing in energy and ancillary service markets
  • Asset optimization considers price forecasts, operational constraints, price elasticity, and business objectives
  • High-grade, 256-bit encryption on all data in transit to cloud
  • Enterprise-class network security and firewall capabilities


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Three Purpose-Built Systems

Built on the core Tech Stack, Fluence offers three systems that are optimized for common customer applications but can be configured for specific use cases and requirements. All Fluence systems can can be delivered as turnkey solutions to the customer including all associated balance of plant equipment.


Grid-scale energy storage system designed for the most demanding market applications with industry leading reliability and safety.

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PV-optimized, co-located energy storage system designed to improve and expand the capabilities of solar generation.

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Connection-ready, C&I energy storage system designed to support 500+ kW applications with rapid deployment.

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Earlier Generation Systems

Our earlier generation energy storage systems, Advancion, Siestorage, and SunFlex are in operation around the world, from the longest continually-operating system in Chile since 2008, to recently deployed systems serving customers across diverse markets and applications. Our legacy energy storage systems were the precursors to our now sixth generation of energy storage technology and will continue to provide storage services for years to come.

Siestorage energy storage systemSiestorage

Lightning fast energy. Trusted for critical loads.

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Advancion energy storage systemAdvancion 5

Unmatched dependability. Designed to evolve.

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SunFlex energy storage system


Maximum solar yield. Delivered when you want it.

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