Comprehensive Storage Controls and System Visibility

The 6th generation Fluence Operating System (OS) is a fully integrated controls software for the day-to-day management and dispatch of your storage system. Operate the storage system directly with pre-set modes and market dispatch applications or integrate directly with external ISO and EMS signals. Access real-time system information through multiple systems views, alarm notifications, and dashboards.


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OS Overview

Comprehensive Controls

Actively manage the timing, modes, and parameters of different storage applications

Manage real and reactive power dispatch through Array, Core, and Node controllers

Integrate with external systems and 3rd party software via common protocols

System Visibility

Access real-time storage system and balance of plant KPIs through multiple system views

Search and view time-stamped alarms displayed in a hierarchy of warnings and alerts

Comprehensive data acquisition and storage enables regular system monitoring

Advanced Monitoring

Additional layers of protection beyond hardware and system components

Continuously monitors, detects, and alerts operators to potential anomalies

System issues flagged for immediate attention of Fluence 24/7 support staff

OS Features


Actively manage power and operational modes at the Array, Core, Node, and Cube levels with easy access to system KPIs.


Schedule multiple market dispatch applications with all relevant timing and operating parameters.


Prevent charging during select days and hours to avoid peak pricing or comply with network requirements.


Alarms proactively notify operators to system issues and anomalies with time-stamped details.


Increase revenue by stacking multiple real and reactive dispatch applications.


Continuously monitor, detect, and alert operators to potential anomalies in the system.

Layers of Logic

The OS architecture uses integrated intelligence to turn market signals and operator commands into efficiently utilized power. Three levels of supervisory controls and embedded logic coordinate system charging and discharging based on operating parameters and constraints.

Robust Network and Cybersecurity Management

Our storage technology contributes to critical infrastructure around the globe. To protect our customers and their network from malicious attacks, Fluence complies with industry leading cybersecurity practices, including the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. We incorporate the latest security features throughout our controls and OS, including:

  • Controls hardware and OS
  • VPN-based remote site access
  • Multifactor authentication
  • High grade, 256-bit encryption
  • Enterprise-class network security
  • Regular vulnerability scanning
  • Data transfer over secure VPN tunnels

Want to see the OS in action?

Learn how Fluence OS provides controls-based response over 60 times faster than traditional frequency regulation resources.


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