Nispera optimizes renewable asset performance with real-time monitoring, automated reporting, and Al­-powered analytics. The cloud-based Asset Performance Management (APM) software integrates asset data with intelligent machine learning models and visualization tools to help wind and solar plant owners uncover hidden performance issues, minimize downtime, and maximize energy production.




GW of Assets

Turn disparate data into real-time decision making

Nispera integrates supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) data from any renewable energy asset with weather forecasts, energy market and electricity grid data, maintenance schedules, and more.

Data is processed in real-time by Nispera’s big-data analytics engine, then combined with machine learning models and intuitive analytics to produce clear, actionable insights for your team.

The Fluence IQ™ Platform

Fluence IQ is our advanced digital platform for solar, wind, and energy storage. Fluence IQ maximizes the value of solar, wind, and energy storage resources with advanced software products and 3rd party applications, including Fluence Mosaic™ and Fluence Nispera™.

Fluence IQ helps customers manage the growing complexity of storage and renewable assets and navigate the clean energy transition.


Performance Monitoring

The core Nispera performance monitoring software provides complete renewable asset data integration for real-time monitoring and asset performance intelligence. Nispera is designed for asset owners needing a consolidated view of their renewable asset performance across a portfolio of manufacturers, technologies, and site locations.

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Supports renewable asset owners with holistic,
comprehensive, and hardware-independent insights into
asset performance.


Provides daily, weekly, and monthly analysis with detailed
information on the technical performance of renewable

We selected Nispera due to seamless integration in their system of difference modules like performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, contract management, reporting and forecasting, which makes the work of our operations team much more efficient.

Claudio Gutierrez Head of O&M at LAP (Latin America Power)

Nispera Add-on Software Modules

Built on the core performance monitoring software, Nispera can be tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives with a growing suite of add-on modules:

AI-Based Performance Optimization

Identify the failure patterns of renewable assets for early alerts and issue detection

The predictive maintenance module detects trends in granular asset and component data so operators can take action and avoid equipment failures and downtime. Available for wind and solar assets, this module automatically identifies and notifies owners and operators of any variable deviations from asset reference behavior. Particularly suited in case no full-scope O&M agreements are in place with the O&M providers.

Nispera predictive maintenance software with graphs and charts of data on laptop screen

Laptop showing Nispera generation forecasting software

Generation Forecasting

Generate site specific wind and PV forecasts worldwide for efficient trading, balancing and maintenance planning

The Generation Forecasting module provides highly reliable 24/7, site-specific forecasts, calibrated to the specific characteristics of the wind or photovoltaic plant. State-of-the-art artificial neural networks are periodically re-trained on high performance resources, with output formats adapted to specific user needs – including market operators, traders, and O&M managers.

Thanks to Nispera, I have always at hand all of the tools and data to analyze my portfolio and demand a better service from my O&M providers.

Marco Vedaschi Senior Engineering Manager at Susi Partners

Portfolio Management

Compare key performance indicators (KPls), such as different types of availabilities or performance ratios, across your entire portfolio

Revenue analysis offers insights into electricity sales
(capture price, profile cost, balancing cost), enabling customers to quantify and investigate the effects of imbalances, such as curtailments from the grid operator. Executive reporting provides a harmonized view of financial information across all assets in a diversified portfolio, including budget variance, OPEX and O&M costs, EBITDA margin deviation, and more.

O&M Management

Access independent analysis of your contractual terms, along with user-generated ticketing and alerts

The O&M Management module compares asset performance against your O&M contractual obligations to identify performance changes and issues. Ticketing allows users to create and assign tasks within your organization including start date – end date, assets, status, and type. Configure alerts with flexible criteria and parameters so your operators can identify issues as they’re happening, with notifications automatically sent to a user-defined distribution list.

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